Stylish Swedish apartment for sale

This wonderful house is located in a old building that goes to 1885. Despite the building’s old character, the house is interestingly present day. It has been remodeled several times and now it’s a elegant and present day place that would a great home. This beautiful Remedial house also characteristics a 12 block gauge patio that offers incredibly wonderful opinions of Vasatan, Sweden.

The house includes a total surface of 1.302 sq ft (121 block meters) and it has been recently remodeled. As you enter, unique elegant guests bathroom connected to a fully equipped start plan home. The home has white-colored furniture and pine counters, thus resulting in an elegant contrast of color. Moreover, the white-colored brings about the visual impression of a much larger space.

Near the home unique large home with a comfortable open fireplace. These are the public areas of the house, and they are wisely distinct by the private rooms. You have a stairs that leads to the in the location. Here you can find an start lounge location with book shelves, skylights, wood supports and a beach patio. The atmosphere is very warm and comfortable. Upstairs in addition, there's a room and another distinct room fluff that can be arrived at using a wood steps. The room characteristics walk-in closet and elegant lavatories.


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