The Zen Of Refined Urban Architecture In Korea

 The unusual design of the house is false, "wrapped" to speak. Dubbed the packing house, the architectural style of Zen cool Korea Studio Himma's signature half-naked in a box of natural iroko wood from the floor to the roof, with glass and look through the concrete. Located in a small corner Heyri Art Valley, Korea, this compact house is big on innovation and imagination. The main entrance to the entrance of the wooden box that holds in the house. The interiors are bright, open concept is framed in the vertical wooden bars, adding to the house. A large window gives the illusion of more space, allowing the outdoors in. The endless urban environment offers a great contrast to the decidedly zen home interiors, walls of wood and have a quiet and private.


BJ said...

Love this house. Wish I could build it here in America on our 80 acre farm in northern Ohio. Don't know what kind of wood would be a substitute. maybe, cedar?

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